3 & 5

January arrived and I realized I hadn't planned anything for Aki and Archer's birthday party. Archer's birthday is mid January and Aki's birthday is 2 weeks later so we've always had a joint party (Sushi Party and Panda Party).. But with a 3 month old baby it just wasn't coming together so I started to look into venues where we could host it outside of our home. I remembered a friend had recommended The Cottage for good food and play area for the kids and luckily they threw parties! I can't recommend A.not having the party at your house B.Having someone else take photos so you don't have to worry about it and might actually appear in some and C. if you're local to Victoria bc booking at party (or just going for a play at) The Cottage (this is not sponsored, we just really loved it here.)

Anyways, on to the photos: 

I love how much this photo represents Archer. Red is his absolute favourite colour and we love how golden his hair can look. Love those dangling princess legs on the monkey bars behind him too. 

The food was amazing. Best part: I didn't have to do any of it! 

This really was the perfect place for our party, accommodating all of our family and friends. It also kept the chaos to a minimum because of the separate play area which is completely visible to the restaurant. 

The camp theme at The Cottage was adorable! They had a leader who led games and activities for the kids which they loved! 

Me, my mom and my boys <3 

These mini brownie s'mores were incredible! 

Pretzel bun sliders, so good! 

Aki saw this Darth Vader Pinata at the party store a few weeks ago and has been obsessed with it ever since. The nice people at The Cottage agreed to let us have it. 

Me and my Sanity Sisters. My dress (second from left) is a sneak peek of a new project I have started called MeMi Collective with my friend/seamstress/employee Megan. 

They even MADE an ice cream cake! When I said I did nothing, I really did nothing! 

This picture of Aki's arm around Archer kills me. So sweet. 

Number shirts they were so excited to wear are available of course from our shop, here

I did some chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles for a takeaway gift and had Aki write Thank You on the little cards. 

Photos (not including the first one) by Kristy Westendorp