Aki & Archer's room

Finally got around to photographing Aki and Archer's room which we put together this summer. I wanted to make a space that was modern but fun. I used a lot of black and white and let the toys and books add colour to the room.

The bed is from Ikea, Crib is Jenny Lind which was a score on craigslist. Lego storage bin and Trumpette cow from amazon. Hi blanket was Archer's coming home from the hospital blanket by Yarning Made. Custom quilt Archer is sitting on is by Roar Haus.

If a shirt isn't good enough to hang on your wall then it's not good enough to wear ;) Our fleece kawaii cloud sweatshirt can be found here!

Bear by Roxy Marj, Posters from This Modern Life, Batman mask from ebay.

Ryan made the vinyl rain drop stickers and I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I knew I needed them. I think they go perfectly as a feature wall behind their beds (which by the way they don't sleep in..)
Amazing Farg Form bedding and DIY banner from This Modern Life, stool from Ikea, Darth Vader clock from amazon, Letter A pillow by Naked Lunge, Miffy Pillow from ebay, Lucky Boy Sunday from Cissy Wears, Cloud mobile by Baby Jives. Baby by us :P

Ryan made Aki this tent for christmas last year. Rug is from Ikea, Brio toys from Amazon.uk, Toy bag from Cissy Wears, Bear Rug and custom Wild Things bunting by Roxy Marj, Wooden Rainbow Stacker by Little Sapling Toys, Bat Boys Cushion by Little Pop Studio, Silver Moccs that are good enough to display by Freshly Picked of course and Miffy Lamp from Fab.com!

Love us some Vintage Fisher Price!

A little bit addicted to kids books. Here are some of our most favourites on display

I never liked this ledge in their room until I figured out it was a perfect place to put things! Lego head from Amazon, custom Aki doll by Naked Lunge, Apple Papple print by Fine Little Day. Garland by Studio Mucci.

We made this chalkboard out of a thrift store painting. It was originally in Aki's nursery with this animal parade that Ryan drew before he was born. When we changed their rooms I taped up some paper and spray painted the frame white. I didn't expect for the overspray to get the center of the chalkboard but it did! I can't bring myself to do another coat of paint over the animals as it's a little sentimental.
The dollhouse is an absolute favourite, it's by Hape. Rocker is by Eames, Moomin doll from ebay. We made the paper crane mobile when I was pregnant with Aki.


Our closets all came with mirrored doors. It was the first thing we took out when we moved in. We replaced them with Ikea curtains and in this case I used some of our leftover rain drop decals on it. The book shelves are Ikea spice racks spray painted white. The house is from This Modern Life.


Because he must find the most dangerous way to do things haha. Splatter leggings by Sweet Luka Mo and XOXO T shirt by Us of course!