Archer's First Birthday!

Archer's first birthday!

The morning started off with breakfast omelets (archer's faves) and fruit.

Then we realized the balloons we picked up the day before started to sink(look at the difference between the balloons here and in the breakfast picture! All the black ones already sank within an hour of breakfast!) So we hurried up to set up his photoshoot.

Since I was so rushed to set it up it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped (the edges of the table are driving my crazy). But I think we captured his personality quite well. The Leggings are from House of Mia, The Rosettes are from Efhanmar and sienna and the sparkly crown is by Little Blue Olive

This number one shirt is the first thing Ryan and I ever designed and printed together 2 years ago for Aki's birthday! We have decided to release them in a few numbers in about a month! Stay tuned. Decorations by Efhanmar and sienna.

Birthday gifts! Love this balance game by Des Enfantillages, a Montreal based company. Absolutely in love the Mozart Kuegel snowball musicbox from Archer Hard goods.
We got Aki a Twig Creative camera for his first birthday so we got Archer one as well. The Dombo cup and Sketch Inc nesting dolls are from Design Life Kids. The Kawaii cloud onesie is available in our shop.

After this Archer promptly passed out. After lunch we headed to the aquarium.

We took the opportunity since we were all not in sweats to take a family picture first. Everyone is looking, it's a birthday miracle!

This is the first time we've set Archer 'free' in public since he started walking. He toddled around happily and kept running off. It was quite a sweaty but fun experience to see where he would go.

We met my family for dinner at a local burger joint. Archer was a little beat and was not having the best time being forced to sit still. It's such a hard age to eat out. You can't explain to them they need to sit still (despite all the tricks and snacks I pulled out of my diaper bag). He was happy as soon as we got home.

His first taste of cake!

All in all we had a fantastic day. I can't believe Archer has been in our lives for a year already. Yet at the same time it feels like he's always been part of our family. He's such a ray of sunshine, always smiling and waving. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.