Hello! Thanks so much for finding our blog, we are so glad you're here.

A little background about us:

We are a completely family run business and operate out of our home. Ryan is a graphic designer who got his start as a screen printer. I (Miranda) attended fashion design school and worked as a Health Care Assistant before becoming a full time mom. We started Whislte & Flute when Aki was 1 and we wanted to make him some T-shirts. Because of the community we have met through Instagram (@whistleandflute) and the moral support of our family and friends Whistle & Flute is now both of our full time jobs.

We hope to continue to create modern and unisex clothing that anyone in your family can wear regardless of age, gender or personal style.

I can't wait to share more about our lives and behind the scenes of Whistle & Flute (it looks a lot like working amidst the chaos of 2 kids under 3 would). I'm excited to share some of my inspiration from kids fashion to home design to food!

Thanks for following along on our jouney!