DIY Vertical Plant Wall

These have been popping up all over lately. When we stayed in Portland this summer our hotel had a giant plant wall which was the first time I'd seen one. Since then I've noticed a lot of cool businesses installing them as feature walls and I can't get enough of it. I really wanted to put one in our house but could not seem to find a tutorial on how. So we figured this out for ourselves. It's only been up for about a week but nothing has died yet (yay?) and it seems to be doing well. Please don't yell at me if you install this and it doesn't work for you haha. Here we go:

-Felt pockets found on Amazon. as many as you need for the size you want
-Plants. Tropical about 4.25" is the best size we found and added 2 per pocket. 
-Tropical plant soil, we used 3 bags
Note: we tried to get bigger plants (10") and split it apart but that didn't work
-Gutter cut to the length of the length of your wall piece
-Silicone and gutter end pieces
-Screws, drywall anchors and washers
-Thick plastic and duct tape

Make sure to give the Children the plants that will potential tickle to keep them entertained while you spend more time than you ever have in the plant section. 

We picked all tropical plants and kind of just eye balled how many we needed based on the pockets we had. We had to run back for a few more plants but we pretty much got it all the first trip. (this is not sponsored by Home Depot but I wish it was..)

When trying to figure out how to catch excess water we wandered around home depot looking for pipes or something we could possibly cut open and install along the bottom of the pockets. Then it occurred to us: gutters! We picked up a gutter for about $14 and had them cut it exactly the length of the wall piece. We used silicone to attach the end pieces (all found in the gutter aisle)

Archer looking for studs while Ryan used a level to line up where the holes should go for the pockets.

I didn't get a photo of the plastic backing Ryan put up first because I was making lunch and he didn't call me. But basically he duct taped enough up to line the wall. When screwing in the pockets make sure to use drywall anchors and washers around the screws so no water will go through the holes. Then he installed the gutter so that the bottom of the pockets and the plastic would sit inside it like so: 

 (tip: put your level in the gutter so you can get it on straight) 

Now the fun part begins! I started arranging plants. I used the ferns as filler and played out the other plants trying to give it some kind of movement. 

Pour some dirt in the pocket and put the plants in, add some more dirt, repeat. 

I started by trying to keep things very clean then gave up on that. 

Ta-Da! We are so in love with the finished product and I'll admit it, I still when walking by it.