Do’s & Don’ts-Holiday Photos


Holiday photoshoots are upon us! Here are a few tips and ideas on getting the best photos possible with the least amount of stress.


We always attempt our photos after everyone has napped and eaten (parents included, at least on the eating part). We try not to resort to food bribes normally but not going to lie, it happens (smarties anyone?) I’ve heard giving your baby a rolled up piece of tape will distract them into standing still and not be noticeable in the photo though I’m pretty sure mine would have just eaten it.
I like to have one person behind the person taking photos who can get the kids attention and be goofy when needed. This usually results in lots of smiles (Ryan usually pretends to take bites out of my head, the kids think it’s hilarious).

Now onto the outfits. Think about colour. Even though you might think to reach for the red and green, consider the back drop. Will it also be red (santa’s suit) or green (trees)? We love monochrome to stand out against all the pretty lights and colours. Pair our Kawaii Sparkle Snowflake with some leggings or a tutu or rolled up jeans for a super stylish and comfy holiday look. Add a pop of colour in the accessories. We threw a plaid shirt over top of Aki’s snowflake shirt which matched Archer’s red boots.

Good luck and don’t forget to get the self timer ready or a friend to take a photo with the parents in it too! Even if those aren’t the ones you want to share with the world, you’ll be glad you have them one day.

Happy photographing!

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