Hoppy Easter

Crazy little Archer. This is his second easter but his first he was only 3.5 months for.
We wondered how it would go with a 1 and 3 year old but as everything usually does it worked itself out quite well.

Aki did most of the egg finding and Archer wandered around collecting the discarded eggs haha

What did you fill your eggs with? We used Annie's bunnies knowing that Archer would get them.
Some of the higher eggs had (my favourite) mini eggs for Aki.

Anything left?

We had this Wishbone Design Studio trike on our wishlist for Archer since before he was born. We got it recently but wanted to save it for Easter knowing the weather would be getting less wet. We were so surprised how well he picked it up. He's a really little guy so the fact that he could get on and go right away was amazing.

Aki got this radio flyer scooter we actually got for his birthday and then forgot about. oops! We normally wouldn't do large gifts for easter but this year just worked out that way.

Jammies by Wee Woollies
Trike by Wishbone Design Studio