Kawaii Cloud Cookies

"Most people's New Years resolutions are focused on being healthier or losing weight- my resolution this year was to learn the art of the iced sugar cookie (and you can bet I eat almost every single one!) 

I have tried multiple recipes for both the cookies themselves and the icing, and I have read lots of little tips and tricks on different blogs in order to come out with smooth and beautiful iced cookies that are also soft and chewy and delicious to eat (because beauty isn't everything folks). 

So far this year, I have tried my hand at ice cream cone, star, and heart designs which are all well and good but it was really this Kawaii Cloud cookie, inspired by Whistle & Flute's design, that has me really excited. I think I'll be making these quite regularly, as when Grey woke up the next morning after I had iced them, he kept telling us how cute the cookies were! The nice thing about this design is how simple it is to ice in all white, with just a small portion of royal icing kept aside to dye black for the eyes and smiles- lots of other cute cookies out there have a lot more detail and various colours involved, so although these may look intimidating to try, they really are quite simple once you nail your recipes! 
If you want to try these for yourself, follow these links:
Tips for the cookies:
- always work with softened butter, not melted! I pull mine out the night before I'm going to be baking 
- you must chill the dough at least 2 hours. This keeps your cut cookies in their perfect shape while baking. If the dough warms after rolling and cutting, stick the cookies on the sheet and throw the whole thing either outside or in your fridge until they are cold again before baking 
- allow the 2 minutes resting time on the sheet post baking before you remove to cool 
- it is so important to let the cookies cool completely before icing!
Tips for the icing:
-royal icing really isn't difficult to make! I used meringue powder but you can also go traditional with raw egg whites 
- I found sifting the dry ingredients produced a much more smooth icing so you aren't dealing with bubbles and lumps while it dries on the cookies
- I use gel dyes for the colouring, it produces way nicer colour without thinning out the texture of your icing like liquid food colouring 
- read all of the tips on the link above, they are very helpful!
As with anything, planning ahead makes a huge difference in the successful outcome of your cookies- I'm sure yours will be adorable! Now if only I can manage to plan ahead for some quality gym time, then I won't have to feel so guilty about my cloud cookie gluttony. "