Meet our SS15 brand reps!

We are so excited to announce our Spring and Summer brand reps for 2015. We couldn't believe the response, with over 7000 entries we were overwhelmed with beautiful children. We are so sad we can't make all of your cuties our reps. Thank you so much for taking the time to enter, we really appreciate all the support we get from our friends and followers. We will be looking for some mommy & me reps later this season and then again for fall.

Now, on to the kids who will be modeling our new items this season..


Ashton is a hilarious child who is in love with dirtbikes and
anything toy story. He likes to hangout with his best friends Saylor and 
Scout, dance, and love on people. He gets a
little crazy at times but that's what makes him a genuine kid.

Elijah! He will turning 7 months in 2 days! 
He loves music and will dance to anything with a beat! He does it on cue when I say dance dance dance and it melts my heart!


Mazel Paris: We are from California. Mazel is 10 months old and full of personality. Mazel is sweet and sassy. She loves dressing up and taking lots of pictures. Mazel is now walking and loves the outdoors. At the end of the day it's her infectious smile that catches everyone's attention.

Penny: She is a bright happy little girl who loves horses and the moon. She loves 'adventures' which can be anything from a walk on the nearby beach to a train ride to the grocery store. She loves #standingbythewall every morning, it's part of her routine for well over a year now. And once her shoes are on, she cheers 'lets do standing by the wall' :-)
She loves arts and crafts, especially sticking stuff, reading her many many story books and jammin' with her Dad on the piano or ukulele. 

Eli was born 10-11-12. His daddy is from new york and his mommy is from germany. Eli speaks the cutest german dialect but also knows english. He loves: kisses, playing outdoors, jumping puddles, coloring, vacuuming and dinosaurs. He dislikes: bedtime and wearing pants.His favorite food is: Anything with ketchup.

And our last chance baby winner is...

Welcome baby Jace to the team! Can't wait to see you in your whistle & flute! Jace will be 3 months this coming Sunday and is very alert. His favorite past times include sucking his fists and tooting up a storm! He loves to hibernate like a little bear and averages about 10 hrs straight through the night.


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