Milo's First Birthday

Beautiful and delicious cake by Rachel Cakes in Victoria. 
Cake topper by Clara Ivy

I love how these photos turned out. I took a picture of Milo around his monthly birthday for his first year and then printed them all out in b&w in square format. 

We were unsure of what to make for food for a 1-3pm party. Flatbreads were perfect. 
The only problem was we could have used twice as many!
We did a classic Margherita, Pear/prosciutto/arugula/mozzarella, apple/bacon/caramelized onion/feta, Peach/brie/balsamic reduction. 

We found a dough recipe by googling but what we did a little different was bake the crust alone for around 6 mins to ensure it would be nice and crisp with all the fruits going on. 

We went with a bit of a woodland animal theme so we made these felt masks. To be honest, the adults wore them more than the kids did. 
We used milk bottles with chocolate soy milk in it for the kids. 
Made fruit skewers which are always a hit and popped some popcorn and added butter and sprinkles. 

Birthday boy, not walking yet! He must know I'm in no rush for this to happen.

For those of you who don't know, our milestone number shirt was the design that started Whistle & Flute! When our first born was about to turn 1 I sketched out a design and Ryan brought it to life. We had so many people interested in buying one we designed a few more shirts together and the rest is history.
That was almost 5 years ago! 
Birthday shirt available in our store here. 

He had his first taste of cake on his actual birthday on the 28th but he wasn't complaining about getting another piece on his party. 

We asked guests to instead of bringing a gift to bring Milo a card or letter. We also picked a local charity and encouraged our friends to make a donation if they were able. 

I hope Milo will look back on these photos and see all the people who came out to wish him a happy birthday and most of all I hope he feels loved. We really wanted to celebrate his first year with us. He is such a light in our lives and anyone he meets. 

Thanks for reading! 

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