New House

We just bought our first house! We are so so excited to have more space for the kids and our business.



Here’s what we have planned for it.
Our main living room needs a lot of TLC. See:completely out dated wallpaper and wood paneling. Planning on painting it ALL white.

(Please note: these are the realtor photos and not our furniture!)

From: Modern Source

From: The Modern shop

If anyone has any tips on going from not really having plants (that stay alive) to a new life where I’m really good at having lots of plants I’m all ears..

Our kitchen is my favourite space and doesn’t need any renos except some new tile and light fixtures and seating.


From: Modern Source

From: School House Electric

From: School House Electric

From: Ikea

From: Modern Source

Our dining room needs a lot of updating too:


From: Modern Source

From: Ikea

What I’m most excited about is making this basement into a whistle & flute HQ! We currently have 300 sq ft and this is about 1500 2015/08/img_8780.png

We’ll need to remove all the wood panels and add ceiling lights so we can put shelves against the walls.

Anyways, that’s what I have for now! We currently have a painter in there now and it’s already looking so much better! I’ll update some more progress shots as we go. Tune in for the big wallpaper removal soon! Xox

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