Our Design Process

Ryan and I attended the same design school about 10 years ago. He took graphic design and I started fashion design. I realized it wasn't for me (I hated/couldn't sew and the math that went into pattern making was not my thing). Ryan worked his way through design school at a screen printing shop as their screen printer. Upon graduating he started to work for another screen printing shop but as their graphic designer. Meanwhile I had taken a completely different direction and gone into healthcare. 8 years later our first son Aki was born. Around his first birthday I conceived of a number "1" shirt I would like for him with rays coming out from around it and a vintage type face. Ryan brought this vision to life and Whistle & Flute was born.

We have been working in a similar way ever since. We think up a design we would like for one of our boys and work on it together until we are happy enough to have it screen printed on a shirt.

We normally start with an idea which leads to sketches.

Ryan takes that sketch and translates it into illustrator:

We pick out colours using our Pantone formula guide. This allows us to select an exact shade that will be used in the screen printing process so there are no surprises.


Then we have it screen printed for one of our boys so we can try it out and see if we like it. We go through a lot of variations of the same design and a lot of complete designs that we don't end up releasing. We want all of our clothes to be able to be worn by anyone.

The first prototype on a swatch of fabric. We were happy with how it turned out and placed our order for the tanks and t-shirts that will be released along with the rest of our summer items in May.

Hope you enjoyed getting a little sneak peak into our design process!