Spooky Chalkboard painted pumpkins


I made Chalkboard pumpkins! Cute right? See how I did it below.

I got these plastic pumpkins from Michaels for 70% off this week along with a can of spray chalkboard paint and some silver glitter paint for the stems.


I am not a patient person when it comes to crafts. I ended up completely covering my hands in paint because I couldn't wait for it to dry before turning over to spray. Learn from my mistake and let it dry!


I left them overnight as per the directions on the chalkboard paint can (this took some major restraint but I got busy anyways)
I used the silver glitter paint on the stems.


I have to say, I was tempted to not use any chalk on them I liked how they looked so much!


But then they just got even more cute when we drew on them! This was not a total win though. The chalk seemed to scratch some of the paint off which I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps they are too smooth? But lightly drawing on them worked great and they look so cute. I think I'll keep 'em!