Sushi Birthday Party!

Both of our boys love sushi. We made our Kawaii Sushi shirts inspired by them and when we were trying to think up a theme for their joint party it had to be Sushi. 

I find themes actually make party planning easier. It gives some direction and something to search on pinterest (what did anyone ever do before pinterest?!) One of my biggest regrets in life is getting married before it existed. 

Anyways, back to the Sushi Party. We decided to order a platter of sushi even though we occasionally make our own. We focused out energy into the sushi like treats and decorations instead. 

Sushi cupcakes were made with boxed white cake mix (no shame!), icing and then simply dip the tops in coconut flakes and adorn with some candies. Ryan wrapped the outsides in fondant which looked amazing (but recommend removing before eating because it's pretty stainy and not very tasty. but it is edible!)

We also made these candy sashimi. Me and the kids made a batch of rice krispy treats, added a Swedish fish and a strip of rolled out fondant. 

The spread. We also put cut up fruit in clear plastic cups which always go over really well. 

We found these take out boxes in china town, added a cut out paper sushi to the outside and a paint marker to add the name. We included one of our Sushi T-shirts, pocky, nori, stickers and chocolate hearts. 

Ryan used poster board to cut out big sushi decorations for our walls and outside door. 

For those of you wondering, our kids totally don't mind or know the difference about having a joint party. They were born 2 years and 2 weeks apart so it just makes most sense to do it together since they have all the same friends. Eventually I'm sure they'll want their own parties but for now we spend their birthdays doing what they want as a family and then have a party in between their birthdays. 

We all had so much fun! The only thing I might do differently is to have someone in charge of taking photos! 

Hope you liked our Sushi Party and maybe it will inspire one of your own!