Our story

Hi, I'm Miranda. My husband, Ryan and I started Whistle & Flute in 2012 soon after the birth of our first son, Aki. I was a stay at home mom and Ryan had just been laid off from his government web design job and had found work at a screen printing shop when we were inspired to design our first line of shirts. With our family in mind, we worked together to translate our ideas into clothes that were gender-neutral, modern and ethically-made. We used our small savings of a few hundred dollars to buy some inventory of blank garments and set up a printing press in our garage. Through a lot of long nights and shipping marathons as well as the unbelievable support of our customers we now get to live and work from our home in Victoria, BC Canada with our 3 boys. 

Our philosophy

We believe that fashion should be for everyone. Our clothing can be worn by people of any gender and any age. We aim to make clothing that can be played in and lived in. Kids and adults alike are drawn to our bold designs and always reach for the soft fabrics first. Our clothing is made using safe inks, the softest fabrics and are sweatshop free. 

As seen in

We are honoured to have appeared in Vogue U.K Magazine., the style section of
 The New York Daily News, In Touch Weekly and Pregnancy and Newborn magazine.  We have appeared on Attn: On gender neutral clothing, Oh Joy and Tori Spelling’s personal blog, ediTORIal as well as on countless parenting and fashion blogs from around the world. They have also been profiled by PayPal.com as a small business success story and have partnered with eBay.com to design a custom capsule collection.

What people are saying

"I am someone who rarely reviews products and ALWAYS waits for a good sale, but just wanted to let you know that this morning my 6 year old son specifically asked for me to order more shirts like his beloved Sushi shirt.  He received two of your shirts for Christmas and just loves them.  He is incredibly specific on what he likes for shirts but loves yours because of how soft they are.  This morning I sat him on my knee and we picked a few more.  Love the designs and he loves the texture, thanks so much!"
-Alyson Kee 

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I love your clothing! We've got a few of your piece for our very active 18 month old daughter and they are fantastic! Not only do they look adorable, unique, and gender neutral (THANK YOU!), but the quality is excellent. I also appreciate that the sizing really seems to fit - our little Poppy is tall for her age, but your 2T size actually fits her properly (she still has room to grow into it), which means that the pieces last us longer then one season.
I can't wait for your Summer tank tops to come out. I'll definitely be buying several.
Thanks for making such great products :)"
-Melissa Tudor

"We have been travelling for 8 months with 10 outfits for our kids, half of which are W+F. Only your clothes held up. We are coming home in 2 days and I'm so excited to have a big package of new clothes for my kiddos to wear in the next size up. Thanks for making a great product ❤. They wore the sh!t outta those clothes and I can still hand them down."

"My four year-old son and I are huge fans of Whistle & Flute. I fell in love with this label for its modern designs with bright pops of color. Their color palate is gender-neutral and the graphics are youthful and engaging. My son Liam is on the autism spectrum and has a strong preference for certain clothing. He gravitates toward graphics with faces so the Kawaii style is the perfect match for him. The bold graphics along with the tagless labels and soft, quality fabrics make Whistle & Flute shirts Liam's favorite clothing items. He chooses them several days a week and we've even begun to purchase multiples of his favorite design--the Kawaii Sushi shirt.

Thank you for your wonderful designs and impeccable customer service. We've recently welcomed a daughter into our family so we'll be loyal customers for years to come!"
-Ashley Moser
"There has never been a brand we love as much as yours. I'm sure you get this all the time but REALLY all these clothes are so incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and just the right amount of silly, and sooooo soft. Every morning my husband says which W& F should I put on (he doesn't even allow another option) lol"