Our Commitment to Transparency and Responsibility

At Whistle & Flute, transparency is not just a buzzword; it's the foundation of our commitment to you. We want you to feel assured that, as our valued customer, you're not just purchasing clothes – you're investing in a brand that cares deeply about environmental impact, ethical working conditions, and fair wages.

Our Humble Beginnings: A Journey From Home to Overseas

As we take you on a journey through our manufacturing evolution, it's important to know where we began. In the early days of Whistle & Flute, Miranda and Ryan designed and screen printed every piece from their home in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. Blank shirts were sourced from the US, and the garage served as the makeshift screen printing hub. Rapid growth prompted a move to Vancouver, Canada, for screen printing, with finished products shipped back to us for distribution.

However, challenges arose. The quantities we needed exceeded our capacity, and our ambition to expand beyond t-shirts was hindered when our shirt manufacturer ceased operations. This pivotal moment forced us to reevaluate our sourcing and production practices.

Global Collaboration for Ethical Excellence

After thorough research and comparisons, we sought factories that aligned with our high standards while keeping costs reasonable. Our search led us overseas to Taiwan and China, where these factories collaborate seamlessly to produce high-quality garments for Whistle & Flute. Importantly, fair working hours and living wages are paramount values upheld by each factory. Environmental responsibility is ingrained in their practices, with continuous efforts to minimize our collective footprint.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, we've enlisted a dedicated company to oversee quality control, production processes, and working conditions.

Step Inside Our Factories: Meet the Makers

Curious about where your clothes come from? Join us on a virtual tour inside our factories. Meet the talented individuals who bring your garments to life, and witness firsthand the commitment to quality and responsibility that defines Whistle & Flute.

Thank you for caring – your support fuels our dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion.

Let's build a better future, one garment at a time.