It's important to us that we have a business with transparency for our customers. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we care about environmental impact as well as good working conditions and living wages. Perhaps the best way to tell you about where we are now is to tell you where we came from. When we started Whistle & Flute we designed and screen printed everything from our home in Victoria BC, Canada. We were ordering blank shirts made in the US. We grew quickly and no longer could keep up with screen printing in our garage. We had our shirts screen printed in Vancouver, Canada and shipped back to us for distribution.

We struggled with getting quantities we required and were wanting to grow our business into more than just t-shirts. And then our shirt manufacturer went out of business. When buying blank shirts no longer became an option we needed to find manufacturing that would meet our high standards as well as keep our costs as reasonable as possible. This was the push we needed to grow.  We did our research and compared factories. We considered how much we would be able to grow and it soon became clear that we would be moving our manufacturing overseas. 

Located in Taiwan and China, these factories work together to create a high quality garment for us. Each factory keeps fair working hours and pays living wages. They take care to minimize their environmental impact, always finding new ways to keep our footprint small. We have hired a company to oversee our quality control, production and working conditions. 

We are very excited about the direction our company is growing and can't wait to bring you the Whistle & Flute of our dreams! We'll be soon making all of our garments organic and using recycled materials. 

Come have a look inside our factories and see the people who make your clothes!  

Thanks for caring!