In 2012, the journey of Whistle & Flute began with Miranda and Ryan, fueled by the arrival of their first born, Aki. Drawing on their collective expertise in fashion and graphic design, the couple embarked on a mission to create clothing that was not only fun and cool but also defied traditional gender norms. The result? Whistle & Flute, a brand inspired by the vibrancy of Modern art and the playful essence of Kawaii style.

Today, Miranda and Ryan find themselves fully immersed in the world of Whistle & Flute, working side by side in Victoria, BC, Canada. As parents of four children, their family values and passion for creative expression infuse every aspect of their business.

Whistle & Flute stands as a testament to a journey sparked by a desire for unique, unisex designs that capture the spirit of individuality. From those early days post-Aki's birth to the present, Miranda and Ryan have cultivated a brand that celebrates joy, inclusivity, and the boundless creativity that emerges when fashion and family intersect.

Join them on this artistic venture where fun meets function, and where each design tells a story that resonates with the dynamic rhythm of family life in the heart of beautiful Canada.